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How to Manage and Maximise Impact and when to use SROI

October 29, 2020 Heidi Fisher Season 3 Episode 8
Make An Impact Podcast
How to Manage and Maximise Impact and when to use SROI
Show Notes

Stage five of the LEAN social impact approach is LEARN. Heidi explains how this is when your organisation makes improvements, based on data, to maximise your impact.

Heidi uses another real-life example, this time a community hub. Segmenting and being more specific about their "wellbeing" outcomes improved their impact and gave them more detailed evidence, more precise data and a more powerful story.

This episode also covers SROI – social return on investment. People either love or hate SROI and Heidi runs through the pros and cons of assigning financial values to your impact and  specific circumstances in which it is particularly worthwhile.

The "LEARN" stage is typically done annually or perhaps every six months. If you take an impact-led approach to running your organisation then looking at your impact is a fundamental part of your business planning approach.

The five stages of Heidi's LEAN social impact approach are Define, Plan, Measure, Analyse and Learn, and it's important to progress through each stage before moving to the next.

Heidi's new book explains everything you need to know about impact measurement and management and how to implement it in your organisation.

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