Make An Impact Podcast

Sustainable ecommerce, green future with Bashir Khairy, Green Wallet

May 23, 2022 Heidi Fisher Season 5 Episode 3
Make An Impact Podcast
Sustainable ecommerce, green future with Bashir Khairy, Green Wallet
Show Notes

When serial technology entrepreneur Bashir Khairy had a lightening bolt realisation of the cumulative effects of our shopping habits, he overhauled his lifestyle.

But there was a problem.  Bashir and his family couldn't find enough sustainable products in one place. "There were fundamental questions about how we vote with our money," he says, and directed his focus to creating a marketplace featuring ethical products from conscious merchants.

The Green Wallet app is now in use UK-Europe wide making it easy for social entrepreneurs to access conscious customers. Bashir and his team of tech enthusiasts have also launched a payment processing gateway, and plant a tree every time they process a payment. With 35 billion transactions  processed online in the UK alone last year, that could be a lot of trees.

Bashir, founder and CEO at Green Wallet, is a former officer with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and ran a substantial portfolio at BT Wholesale. Heidi was so impressed with Green Wallet's services (and its forthcoming launch of ethical banking services, something she is asked about frequently) that Make an Impact and Green Wallet launched an exciting partnership this month. In this episode Heidi quizzes Bashir about:

• How Green Wallet came to be
• Bashir has committed to planting a billion trees – that sounds like a lot! How will they get there, and are Bashir and team really planting that many?
• Is planting a tree the only solution, and does it accurately reflect the carbon involved in a transaction?
• The biggest highs and lows in the business so far
• How the team recruited its tech experts
• The new partnership and how Make an Impact podcast listeners can benefit and enable hundreds of trees to be planted every year – what a fantastic way of harnessing technology for good.

What next?

• For more information visit Use the code IMPACT to enable 10 trees to be planted on registration and a halved commission fee for the first 6 months if you sell in the Green Wallet marketplace.
• More about Heidi's work at